Loop Code of Conduct

Values and Standards

We’re all in.

LOOP is home to everyone. Our staff, crew and YOU practice respectful and inclusive behaviour towards all sexes, genders, ages and races.

Dress code

Keep it tidy.

We’re a club, so club wear’s the go.

No steel cap boots, high vis, uggs or thongs.

Social Media Use

Don’t put anything up on socials you wouldn't want your mum or the cops to see. Read that again.

Ts & Cs

1. LOOP does not tolerate aggressive, anti-social, homophobic, transphobic, racist or sexist behaviour of any sort.

2. Staff have the right to ask for further identification upon attempting to gain VIP Member entry and benefits.

3. Staff have the right to refuse entry based on any person or VIP Member (and their guests) being too intoxicated or be subject to other inappropriate activities.

We want you to feel safe. If at any time you don't, please see our crew, bar or door staff for help.

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